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More to it than ‘just horses’

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We love innovation, entrepreneurship

and – of course – horses!

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More to it than ‘just horses’

Over the years we have developed a know-how regarding on-line marketing in relation to different kinds of products related to horses, riding, horse keeping and small scale farming.

Soon we realized that of course non-horse related companies could benefit from it as well.

We have been in the market since 2000 and are located 50 km south of Copenhagen.

We’ll be happy to hear from you. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Kind regards,

Dorte Rebbe Schou
Director, Cand. Scient. Animal Science

Direct phone  0045) 22 42 44 86
Company phone 0045) 93 86 86 92

We love innovation, entrepreneurship and - of course - horses!

Since 2000 we have provided on-line marketing in combination with the latest practical and scientific information regarding horse keeping and riding, economics, management, health and welfare of horses.

Consumers are in this case both people with horses as a hobby and as a profession. Over time more than 22.000 horse owners, riders and professionals have signed up for our e-newsletter.

Our clients are both suppliers for the horse industry and horse owners, B2B and B2C
  • Suppliers for the horse industry
  • Domestic and international companies
  • Publishers and Horse Magazines
  • Medical companies
  • Contractors and machine pools
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Feed manufactures
  • Equine Vets
  • Riding schools and livery stables
  • Galop and trotter trainers
  • Horse breeders and studs
  • Horse owners and riders
Product range for suppliers
  • Online marketing
  • Innovation of horse-related products
  • Servicing customers of the suppliers
  • Ration formulation
Product range for horse people
  • Business to business consultancy service
  • Innovation of both horse and ‘non-horse’ products
  • Hotline – consultancy services by phone
  • On site stable consultation
  • Ration formulation
  • Short courses and seminars made especially to cover your or your clients individual interests
  • More than 2.500 articles about horses that gives horse owners updated practical and scientific information about horse keeping and production etc.
  • Free e-mail newsletter
  • Webshop with more than 2.500 books and films covering most topics in relation to horse welfare, horse breeding, horse keeping, riding and training, feed production, grassland management etc.
  • Event Calendar with all kinds of horse events, exhibitions, tack sales, courses etc.
Advisory service for horse owners and managers
  • Horse management
  • Horse welfare
  • Stable systems and environment
  • How to keep the horse healthy
  • Grassland management
  • Forage production techniques
  • Equine nutrition
  • Equine behaviour
  • Overall economics and optimizing your business
  • Horse liveries and riding schools – ‘getting started’
  • Optimizing your business
Tell us about your products

Tell us about your products, your business plan on a short and long term basis, what you have already done, how you market your business today and what your goals are.

We’ll help you to go further.

Call us on tel 0045) 93 86 86 92 or send the message

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We are using HorseConsult as a part of our online marketing strategy. It’s a targeted, fast and cheaper service and we can measure the output, which is an important factor for us.

/ Allan Sørensen, lawyor, Hjerrild og Bisgaard

The solid scientific foundation behind the site has been the key factor for us, when choosing our online marketing strategy. HorseConsult offer excellent tools too hit our target.

/ Charlotte Johnsson, Cand. Scient. Animal Science, HC Venslev.